Thursday, March 30, 2006

Glen Gray and his Casa Loma Orchestra

Sentimental Journey, an old favorite of mine. This song took 3 men to write it! Bud Green, Les Brown and Ben Homer. Remember "Les Brown and his Band of Reknown? I got to meet Les Brown back in the 80's when I did flowers for a political event at which his band was playing, here in Raleigh.

Copyright MCMXLIV - so who can tell me what that date is? My Roman numerals are escaping me at the moment....LOL! I think it is 1914 or it could be 1944. Which is right?

When I was a very young child, there was a Casa Loma nightclub in Charleston, WV. It was gone by 1946-7, but my mom told me that it was this same club that is mentioned on the front of this sheet music, and that Glen Gray used to play there often. I never knew then if she was pulling my leg, but since I just googled it, I now know she was wrong! If you are interested to learn more, go to:

One of my uncles by marriage was the absolute spitting image of Glen Gray, so every time I pulled out this piece of music, I said hello to Uncle Joe.


texasblu said...

How nice that you have music to bring back memories of others gone. I don't have many memories associated with music - very few.

thanks for coming by yeserday. Yes - Idaho has had some realy freaky weather lately!

Kimmy said...

Wow. That was a really neat read. "Sentimental Journey" I love that song. I had now clue three men wrote it. Huh!

MCMXLIV... 1944!

Here from Michele's!

goldenlucyd said...

Wanted to leave a note about
Heart and Soul. We didn't have a piano at home but my friend did. She taught me one part of
Heart and Soul. When we'd play it together I thought we we're just the "cat's pajamas." That saying was already trite but I still think it's cute---70 years later.)
Thanks Kenju. You always brighten my day!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

1944 Judy...I actually saw Les Brown and His Band Of Reknown when Doris Day was the "Girl Singer" with the band, at one of the BIG Movie Palaces in NYC...The Roxy maybe(?) And Ms. Day actually sang this song! Amazing.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

About Heart & Soul...another great cover, Judy! And they seem to all be in GREAT shaoe..So much of the music I have has been used and used and used so it doesn't look prisitine anymore the way yours does...All of my siblings played piano in our house, (me too...) And they are and were all older than much of the music I have was handed down to me and of course I added to it all as I got into it more and more as a young person...Great Fun!

srp said...

We used to sit at the piano and make up all sorts of variations for Heart and Soul. It reminded me of a piece by Mozart. I forget the French name, but basically it is the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Mozart was involved in some sort of contest with another composer to see who could come up with the most variations. Of course he won hands down. Nyssa played it for one of her recitals and it is fascinating.

You've really got quite a music collection here. Acid free sheet protectors.......sheet protectors.

Jay said...

If only I had an uncle Joe.

kimananda said...

Hi Kenju, and thanks for the visit to my looks like you have a lot of cool stuff here, and I'll be browsing for a bit. But before I browse, I want to just comment that this is such a cool song. I didn't know anything about it (and I don't know if I've ever heard this rendition of it; I may have only heard various covers of it). Thank you for the interesting information, and for putting this song in my head! :-)

colleen said...

I took my dad on a sentimental journey of old places and video taped it. I know all these songs because of him.

via michele today.

PS I went back for the Amish chicken and it was gone. I'm hoping they get it back and I requested that they do!

Sue said...

I need to start getting into this music :) Here from Michele's

Anonymous said...

MCMXLIV = 1944, and I have a copy of Sentimental Journey just like yours (only I don't know where it is just now--probably in the piano bench). Fortunately for me, I have most of both grandmothers's sheet music--plus sheet music from my mother and one of her sisters. Much of the music is from the 1920s and 1930s--including a 1921 printing of I'll Keep on Loving You by Richard Coburn (words) and Vincent Rose (music). One that I loved to hear my grandmother play was The Midnight Fire Alarm by Harry J. Lincoln. The original copyright was 1900, but the sheet music says that the copyright was reassigned in 1932; so, the sheet music isn't much older than I am.

One interesting piece is Aloha Oe, by H.M. Queen Liliuokalani, copyrighted in 1913. As the music has mom's and aunt's name on it, I suspect that the sheet music was printed in the late 1920s or early 1930s. Thanks for the memories.
Cop Car

kenju said...

Cop Car, I wish you had a blog so I could leave comments for you!

That is some interesting music you have. I do remember "Ill Keep on Loving You" and Aloha Oe, but not the Fire Alarm one. I'll have to see if I can find that one.

vanx said...

The '40s are the breadbasket of the American Song Book. Say hello to Uncle Joe for me~,:^)

T. said...

We listen to alot of this music where I work. Love it. Glad Michele sent me. Have a great weekend!

ribbiticus said...

i think those roman numerals add up to 1944. :)

i just love old songs and despite having cds and an ipod, i still love playing records from time to time. it's such a shame not many people seem to appreciate them anymore. yours are in such fine shape! :)

Ben said...

I too love old songs like that, a new era of old to say the least.


Michele sent me.

knitti-me said...

Love your tributes to all these wonderful old (vintage) songs. You are so right that they don't write them like they used to.

My brother puts on a Big Band show every year and he brings back all these oldies but goodies.

joared said...

Cont. to enjoy these old tunes you're bringing forward. Was especially fascinated with the post just previous to this one which, apparently, isn't allowing any comments on it.

I got out my magnifying glass to try and read that print on Larry Clinton about Ferde Grofe. Unless I didn't see everything clearly, think he only did some arrangements as opposed to having a swing band.

Although, being married to a musician, I know that most do a variety of different musical gigs and work to stay busy at various times, if need be. I just can't imagine Grofe having a swing band, but anything is possible, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Judy--My main blog is at As I have a great distaste for the spamming that occurs in many blogs, I don't scatter the address about, just anyplace (and my blogs are closed to search engines!); but, I guess that Just Ask Judy isn't "just anyplace", is it?
Cop Car