Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back to School


1. Yes
2. Never!
3. Completely
4. Once
5. Hardly ever
6. Hallelujah!
7. Hawaii
8. Almost all
9. Are you kidding?
10. The first time

YOUR TURN: What are the questions? Please post your answers in my comments - or on your blog and let me know. Thanks!


goldenlucyd said...

What fun! I always look forward to your posts but this "answer quiz" was a delightful surprise. I came up with several questions for each answer---very thought-provoking, I must say!
I sincerely appreciate the both the learning and laughter you bring to my days.

ET said...

I agree with Lucy in the above comment!
My answers.
I don't know, I haven't ever thought about it.

Scouser said...

News interview questions asked to SuperVillain Scouser

1.. Do I want to take over the world?
2.. When did you last attempt this feat?
3.. How dedicated are you to this task?
4.. How many times do you think you will need to try before you succeed?
5.. Do you worry about the innocent people who may get hurt?
6.. What do you think people will say if you succeed?
7.. Where do you think you would like to situate your secret hideout?
8.. How many governments do you expect to give in to your demands?
9.. Do you think you may need a press officer?
10. When would you expect a government to do something you ask of them?

BTW, My Thursday 13 are up.

goldenlucyd said...

Fun! Fun! My questions are in my post on my blog. I hope lots of folks do this.

Baking and Books said...

1 - do you love coffee?
2- will you ever give it up?
3- just how just do you love coffee?
4- have you ever not had coffee in the morning?
5- do you ever drink it black?
6- what do you think about dunkin donuts coffee?
7- name one state you havent had coffee
8- what coffee brands have you tried?
9- sure you dont want to give coffee up?
10 - when did you fall in love with coffee?


ET said...

Back again to do it right, it that is possible for me:
1. Are you or have you ever been a virgin?
2. Have you ever wanted to run for public office.
3. Do you ever feel you can go unobserved in a group of people.
4. Have you ever danced with wolves or danced with choestoes (Cherokee word for Dancing Rabbit)?
5. Have you ever had innocent thoughts?
6. What word would like exclaimed while making love to your wife?
7. Name one of the 6 states you have never been to.
8. If I put a plate of freshly baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies in front of you and turn my head for a minute, when I turn around how many will be missing?
9. Because Bush has been such a good president, do you think the Constitution should be temporally amended so that he can run for his 3rd term?
10. What happened in Rome, Ga., when you were 15 or 16 years old?

vicki said...

Hey! Is this a trick answer? I think so...the Muttering Muse was on the right trail until she Hawaii. I figure you were licking the dirt the stuff grows in over on Maui.

10. When did you realize it wasn't all it was chalked up to be? (hand modeling, that is)

mar said...

Great idea for a post!! I will be coming back to check out the comments , sorry I am not participating but I'm tired, don't take it personally! (it is all my fault, lol) have a lovely day.

Jamie Dawn said...

1. Yes: Is chocolate a health food?
2. Never!: Do I eat scabs?
3. Completely: Do I love my kids?
4. Once: Have I been to the top of the Stratosphere?
5. Hardly ever: Do I watch Jay Leno?
6. Hallelujah!: Have I been losing weight?
7. Hawaii: Where do I need to go for a month?
8. Almost all: How many Oreos can I eat?
9. Are you kidding?: Am I short?
10. The first time: I can't think of a ? for this one.

srp said...

1. Do you arrange flowers in your sleep?
2. Does Mr. Kenju ever arrange flowers?
3. Do your flower arrangements ever fill your kitchen?
4. Have you ever used plastic flowers and greenery?
5. Do you pick your own flowers for arrangements?
6. What do you say when you see that first daffodil?
7. Where did you get your lava lamp?
8. How many M&M's can you eat in one sitting?
9. Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost over night?
10. When do you expect your kids to do what you tell them?

srp said...

Judy - Answer to your question?
No I do not put my gum on the bedpost. But Mom does, or at least in a little dish. I find this stuff and ask her. She said she was saving it. For what? Gum isn't going to break the bank! It reminded me of that old, old song.

Laura said...

LOL, getting a kick out of this one!

1. Yes. Is Chocolate the food of life?
2. Never! Would you vote for Bush again?
3. Completely. Did you give it your I tried ______ once, did/didn't like all?
(it could be anything, your hobby, raising your kids, etc).
4. Once. Have you ever made one of these questionaires?
6. Hardly ever. How many times per year would you give up chocolate?
7. Hawaii. This is a loaded question, who doesn't like Hawaii!
8.Almost All. Who will question your answers?
9. Are you kidding? Matthew McConaghey!
10. The first time. Have you ever done this before? it's my first time! LOL

man, I haven't been "back to school" in a longgggggg time. LOL

Ol' Hoss's Dung Beetle Saddles said...

1. Are you really happy?
2. Are you really happy?
3. Are you really happy?
4. How many times did you lap dance?
5. Are you really happy?
6. What did you say when the lap dance was over?
7. Where was this that you gave the lap dance?
8. How many family members enjoyed watching this?
9. Would you do it again?
10. During your time as a lap dancer, how many times did you get tips?

Maggie said...

I luv the flower arrangement
Via Michele

Sonia said...

I totally agree with you Judy about the "tiny" prints. It's not comfortable to my eyes, especially when it is against a dark background. Always happens to me quit a blog cause theirs "tiny" prints. Let's make a campaign, a crusade at blogosphere! LOL! "Please, use larger prints in your post!"

Weary Hag said...

Oh now THIS is a FUN FUN post! I love it...

1. Yes - Do you author a blog?
2. Never! - Do you post more than three times in one week?
3. Completely - Are you satisfied with your layout and color scheme?
4. Once - Were you ever sorry you put something into print?
5. Hardly ever - Do you delete comments that aren't exactly what you had hoped for?
6. Hallelujah! - What is your initial reaction every time you get email notification of a comment?
7. Hawaii - Name a state from which no one has ever commented.
8. Almost all - Would you enjoy meeting your fellow bloggers one day?
9. Are you kidding? - Will you consider closing your blog if someone offered you many dollars to do so?
10. The first time - At what point were you MOST proud of publishing a post?

That was neat, Judy.

Weary Hag said...

Egad! I just realized what I don't like about comment modification ... you can't go back and reread what you've just submitted incase you made boo boos! (I never remember to do so before hitting publish)

Miss Cellania said...

I love this! See what I'm missing by not being able to see commments a lot of the time. I'm going to start lobbying Bloglines to feed comments as well as main entries.