Friday, December 23, 2005

Collections: Miscellaneous Ephemera

Left: a thermometer card with a sleeping baby in a chair. One sock on, and one off, the baby has dropped off after downing her bottle. Mom has thoughtfully placed a pillow behind her sweet head. This is painted by Irene Patten, whom you can google. There is not much about her, but she was a well-known illustrator and calendar artist . This card was compliments of the Union Laundry Co., Inc., 2510 Filbert Street, Oakland, Calif. Apparently this was a salesmen's sample. On the rear there is a list of 18 pictures that could be ordered with this card and thermometer.

Right: A calendar for 1937, put out by the Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Michigan. It advertises a type of decaffeinated coffee, called Kaffee-Hag. It doesn't sound very appetizing does it? One of the small papers interspersed with the calendar sheets says

" Kellogg's Kaffee-Hag is real coffee, all coffee, fine coffee. It has everything any fine coffee has - except the nerve-driving caffeine."

The yawning baby pictured looks to me like a little old man, minus the wrinkles. Somehow the artist failed to capture the "essence of baby".


Last Girl On Earth said...

I could use some of that "nerve-driving caffeine" right now. Instead, I'm off to sleep! Come on by when you get a chance. I answered your question. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. xo

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You are so right Judy..That baby DOES look like an old man! (lol)..Maybe it was the artists baby? I love the other painting...again, there is this lovely sweet quality to most all the paintings on your fans and this one, too...I know it';s not a fan, but it looks of the same period as many of your fans...Is that the case here?

Shannon said...

Mornin' to ya! Michelle sent me~ Have a great weekend

Shannon said...

Michele sent me !!!Trying to post a comment hopes it works

Dak-Ind said...

i am always a sucker for a baby, but you never would guess that about me. hehe

came in the usual way... how you ask? by going to michele's and visiting every blog i find on the meet n greet list!

it is always a distinct pleasure to visit here.

Prego said...

Who's the baby? Enrico Caruso's son?

Neat stuff. Am I going to be seeing you on Antiques Roadshow soon?


here via michele tonight.

srp said...

I think it is something with the eyes, maybe the shape and prominence of the eyebrows is wrong for a baby. Love the little girl and that bottle.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me back again, Judy! And I'm always happy to be here!

Pirate said...

you always have great stuff. It might not be wise to have the good stuff sitting out where a Pirate can see it though.

Seamus said...

That baby looks a little like Edward G. Robinson!
"Kaffee-Hag"? Ewwwww!

Happy Holiday Judy! :)

kenju said...

Seamus, you are SO RIGHT! The baby does look like Edward G. Yikes, he must have been an ugly baby!

ribbiticus said...

hi judy! you have another beautiful (and priceless) collection. however do you get the time to look for them and keep them all together?

have a wonderful and happy christmas!

michele sent me today. :)