Monday, November 21, 2005

Which Are You?

I shamelessly stole this meme from Alessandra.......
Are you more…
01) Uptown or downtown?
Downtown, for certain.
02) Country or rock and roll?
Rock and Roll.
03) Extrovert or introvert?
04) Top or bottom?
Uh, bottom, I guess.
05) A cool cucumber or a hot pepper?
I can be either one!
06) Slow and drawn out or fast and furious?
Whatever suits the occasion.
07) Pitcher or catcher?
08) Lefty-loosey or righty-tighty?
Your guess is as good as mine here.
09) Into singin’ in the rain or feelin’ no pain?
Singin' in the rain.
10) Prone to bark or meow?
Meow, definitely.
11) Spider-Man or Wolverine?
12) A bowler or a golfer?
13) Chocolate or vanilla?
14) Meat and potatoes or haute cuisine?
Meat and potatoes.
15) Catch of the day or the house specialty?
Catch of the day.

Meme from

If you want to do the meme - feel free to steal it just as I did!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, that's an interesting list...! I dearly wish someone would explain what the word 'meem' means...Whatever it means, I'd like to try one, one day...Hope your Monday is a terrific day, Judy!

utenzi said...

This meme seems to focus too much on sex for my modesty, Judy. It's nice that you ignored that context so well. I'd not be able to stick to the higher ground. I'll catch the next meme.

srp said...

Ah yes. I remember panty raids. Don't think the boys ever got very far into our all girls dorm, ever. And at Nyssa's MSMS it was even more strict....these were high school kids, living away from home. She always said sometimes she felt as if she had to sign out to go to the bathroom.

About this meme Judy. Did you know it had a strong sexual overtone?:) I certainly didn't read that into it the first time through. But now that "utenzi" mentions it, oh my. I guess most of my answers would be "I forget". LOL

Weary Hag said...

As usual, someone already said what I would have.
Definite sexual overtones, undertones and in-between tones! In which case, I cracked up when I got to the one about "catch of the day or house specialty." hahaha

You did a fine job on this, but I think I'll leave this one alone.