Friday, September 09, 2005

And On a Lighter Note ~ Redneck Computer Terms

BACKUP - What you do when you run across a skunk in the woods.
BAR CODE - Them's the fight'n rules down at the local tavern.
BUG - The reason you give for calling in sick.
BYTE - What your pit bull dun to cusin Jethro.
CACHE - Needed when you run out of food stamps.
CHIP - Pasture muffins that you try not to step in.
TERMINAL - Time to call the undertaker.
CRASH - When you go to Junior's party uninvited.
DIGITAL - The art of counting on your fingers.
DISKETTE - Female Disco dancer.
FAX - What you lie about to the IRS.
HACKER - Uncle Leroy after 32 years of smoking.
HARDCOPY - Picture looked at when selecting tattoos.
INTERNET - Where cafeteria workers put their hair.
KEYBOARD - Where you hang the keys to the John Deere.
MAC - Big Bubba's favorite fast food.
MEGAHERTZ - How your head feels after 17 beers.
MODEM - What ya did when the grass and weeds got too tall.
MOUSE PAD - Where Mickey and Minnie live.
NETWORK - Scoop'n up a big fish before it breaks the line.
ONLINE - Where to stay when taking the sobriety test.
ROM - Where the pope lives.
SCREEN - Helps keep the skeeters off the porch.
SERIAL PORT - A red wine you drink with breakfast.
SUPERCONDUCTOR - Amtrak's Employee of the year.


Jamie Dawn said...

These are funny. Thanks for a good chuckle.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

srp said...

Did you share these with Hoss?
Very funny.

netchick said...


Saw you at Michele's and thought I'd stop by and say hello!

Destiny Anne said...

very funny! here from michele. said...

Judy - I know its the wrong place but you got so many comments that I don't want mine to get lost in the crowd....your watercolor of your dad is awesome!!!!!!! I had no idea you were l'artiste!!!! Just when I think I know you, you surprise me with something else.

Mamacita said...

I loves me a good redneck joke. Maybe that's why I live here. . . .

Geekwif said...

Ha! That's pretty funny. I'm moving out to redneck country soon, so this might come in handy for translation! ;)

I'm here from Michele's.

PΛUL SVEDΛ said...

Maybe its just me, but I see the blue collar comedy tour doing these. Thanks for the laugh and the visit today.



utenzi said...

Hi again, Judy. Michele sent me!

These terms are right down our alley, living in North Carolina and all. I'm at the area where RTP and the Piedmont merge so it's getting a bit rednecky here with dairy farms and hayfields. Everytime I mow with my lawn tractor instead of the push mower I think of "Green Acres".

Michelle said...

Those were great! Here via Michele tonight. Have a good weekend!

Raehan said...

This is bad, kenju, because I don't know what half of terms mean in reality. Oh well.

Thanks for your comment today. It was very comforting. I loved it.

Peter said...

My only point of reference about rednecks comes from a very funny CD by jeff Foxworthy, but they are still funny even to an Aussie.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent! I have a Jeff Foxworthy daily redneck calendar.

Here via Michele.

sage said...

hey, Michelle sent me. I'm a native Tarheel--but have been a part of the diaspora since grad school. Nice old pics in your blog.

doris said...

Hi! Michele sent me! :-)

I'm not sure which term is the funniest... hacker or modem LOL

Being from the UK I only hear about the stereotypes of a redneck ... do they really exist?

colleen said...

I guess I'm part redneck and part computer nerd?? These are a riot!