Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Melange's Musical Meme

I was tagged by SRP at Melange http://melange1.blogspot.com/

to do this meme about music. This is hard for me, because most of the music I am familiar with is from an earlier era than most of you will know (all except MizPeg, Hoss, Millie and Maria). But I shall try, and if I nail it for you - so much the better.

Directions: Pick 5-10 bloggers, and dedicate a song to them. The people to whom you dedicate are considered "tagged" for the meme.

NOTE: If you have already done this meme, or if you'd rather not (Hoss, I know you are in that category), just feel free to skip right over the task!

I'm dedicating an ALL BEATLES program to:

Michele: www.micheleagnew.com - Real Love (Hah! fooled you didn't I?)

Hoss: http://oldhorsetailsnake.blogspot.com - Got to Get You into My Life

Brenda: http://planetbrenda.blogspot.com - Your Mother Should Know

Poopie: http://keeepinthefaith.blogspot.com- Ain't She Sweet

Vicki: http://outsidein.typepad.com/outsidein/- Blackbird

Carol: http://thecerebraloutpost.blogspot.com - When I'm Sixty-four

Angie: http://www.bigredcouch.com/journal - Strawberry Fields Forever


vicki said...

You ARE a sweetheart. I love Blackbird- and hadn't thought about it for quite a while. Thank you! I'm going to Limewire right now to get it on my laptop.
About the meme- I passed it to SRP so I do believe I already graduated from this one. :-)

srp said...

I think everyone has done it. I am older than you think. I just waited a very long time to have a child. Most mothers my age already have grandkids. So I remember all these songs. I liked the early Beatles tunes. A few of the later ones. I think there was a lullaby that one of them did, can't remember it just now but I may try to find it. I have a thing for the lullaby.

colleen said...

Hi kenju, To answer your question about my ankle...I got my second acupuncture treatment today. It's been 10 days since the what turned out to be a pretty bad injury...sprain and some bone damage. Today the practitioner was able to set the bone. I'm making progress...no more cane but still limping. I'm soon to head out for my long road trip... will post on that Thursday morning before leaving. Thanks for asking. I've also been using comfrey poltice and some other stuff. I never got the castor oil...I sort of stuck with what I already had around me. I've been seeing my Chinese Medicine practitioner for 2 years now...for CFS...It was good to work on something different for a change...something that actually will go away!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

WOO HOO - a shout out! Thank you!

poopie said...

Thanks girl! I'm honored :)

Weary Hag said...

Holy mackeral! I'm tagged again... hoo boy, this will be a tough one. Not sure when I'll get it done but I'm honored that you included me, AND...I happen to love that particular song. Good job (and thank you!)