Sunday, June 12, 2005

I've Been Tagged!

The Weary Hag at has challenged me to answer the latest meme, which is to tell about five things you miss from childhood. Since I just wrote a rather long post about childhood memories, and I don't wish to be repetitive, I'll try to come up with something new.

The rules:

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I'd love to see what these people have to say about it:

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Now, please write about five things you miss from childhood. Here are mine:

1. I think everyone misses his/her mother's cooking, and I am no exception. I have written previously of my mom's prowess (and my dad's too) in the kitchen. Her chicken gravy was the best anyone has ever made. Don't be trying to tell me your mom made the best - because I won't listen! Daddy made the best French fries and the best apple pie in the world, too. I know this is repetitive, but necessary, as it is one of the most missed.

2. I miss my grandmother and greatgrandmother. They were farm wives; and back in the day they started cooking on a coal-burning stove at 4:30 am to feed the farm hands as well as their families, and as soon as breakfast was over - they started on lunch. The thing I miss most about being with either of them is their overwhelmingly positive attitude about life, especially when neither of them had it easy, either physically or emotionally. I also admired my greatgrandmother's insistence that just because she lived on a farm, and had to work hard, she shouldn't take good care of her appearance too. She never left her bedroom in the morning until she had completed her "toilette" and donned a dress, stockings and jewelry. This was after the farm had become somewhat mechanized and she didn't have to get up so early to cook anymore. When she died, they had been married for 73 years. He died 3 months later and he couldn't wait to be with her again in Heaven.

3. I miss my dad taking mom and me to Dairy Queen almost every night in the summertime. Soon after dinner, he would round us up and we'd get in the car for the short trip to sweetsville. I remember being enamored of pineapple-nut sundaes back then, and I must have eaten a mountain of them, because it was all I ordered one summer. Then I moved to butterscotch sundaes, which were even better. When we came back home afterward, we'd listen to the radio; shows like "The Green Hornet", "The Shadow Knows", "The Great Gildersleeve", "Amos and Andy" and others I can't remember the names of right now. There were great music shows too, such as "Your Hit Parade". I miss those radio shows; they were good in a way that TV will never be, because they allowed you to use your imagination.

4. I miss my childhood innocence; I miss the times when I didn't know anything about war or hunger or child abuse or tsunamis or cancer.

5. I miss school, believe it or not. Oh, I complained about it, just like every kid did. But I enjoyed studying and reading and school plays and fund drives and assemblies and winning awards at the end of the school year. The only things I don't miss are gym class and math. I used to say that as soon as my children were all in school I would go back for a Master's Degree. But I never did and it is a moderately big regret for me.

That ends my current list of things I miss from my childhood. If you were tagged (or even if you were not and would like to be) please write what you miss the most and let me know when your post is up.


Angie said...

I will do this for tomorrow. I just posted for today. I miss my grandmother and great grandmother too. I have very similar Dairy Queen memories. I will stop now or the comments will become my post. lol

Tammy said...

What a really great post. You always have wonderful things to say.

Michele sent me...this time.

colleen said...

Sounds like fun. I think childhood is in the air. It may take me a day or two to do. I like the cross pollination factor too. Thanks.

PresentStorm said...

very cool post ..sounds like great memories and a great family ...Hope you had a great weekend ...Here via Michele this time .

Weary Hag said...

I knew you would produce a masterpiece! Though radio shows like Amos and Andy were a bit before my time, I did grow up on stories about them from my dad's memories. Dairy Queen... Oh my! The banana split was my favorite ~ it never quite fit in the little boat.
As to your grand- and great grandmas... they must have been very, very special people.
What a lovely post! Thanks so much for "coming out to play with me when I knocked."

Prissy said...

A very nice post. It is sometimes funny the things we miss, you know?

Hello, Michele sent me!

Lora said...

It's never to late to back to school!

Colleen is just getting bombarded with her own popularity. I just tagged here for a book meme.

melinama said...


OK, here it is, friend:

I'm sorry if my tone was a bit crabby. It wasn't at you! This just seemed like kind of a BOSSY meme, you know what I mean? Hehehe.

colleen said...

Will we be 100 when we finish our 100 Things About Me? I have the first 50 so far. Tomorrow I'm posting the 5 things I miss...and then the book meme via Lora. The book meme is taking a little longer because I have to look up authors etc. A busy week in the blogsphere's raining what the heck?

Hope said...

I am envious of those who have fond childhood memories. Maybe one day I'll be like my mom who has completely rewritten history, then I'll have good memories of growing up on Walton Mountain with June and Walt Clever as my real parents.

Karen said...

What a lovely post - It was wonderful to read

kenju said...

Hope, I am sorry that my post dreged up bad memories for you. Lest you think my childhood was all sweetness and light, I can assure you it was not. But I choose not to dwell on the bad parts, because after all, what can I do about them now anyway? My mom re-wrote history too, but she and my dad are gone now, so I try to learn from that lesson and move on.

Free to Be said...

Over from Michele's.

Awww I miss those kinds of things too. That's a great meme.

Müzikdüde said...

I miss my memory.


Angie said...

Mine is up.

Hope said...

Judy, I love your journal, and please don't feel bad for me, I've made a wonderful adulthood for myself. Sometimes a bad example is a good example of what is not normal. Reading your stories and others makes me really happy. Thank you.

vicki said...

I miss sleeping out in tents, all the girls in one yard and the boys in another with lots of running back and forth. Good luck getting Hoss to do this.

Jamie Dawn said...

I really enjoy your writing. Your post and its nostalgia gave me a warm feeling inside.

Jennifer said...

Innocence. Wow, now there's one I should have added.

And Dilly Bars!! Yummmy! :-)

Julana said...

I ended up in this meme later on. I'm surprised to see how alike some of our responses were: grandma, mom's cooking. Thanks for sharing.