Tuesday, May 17, 2005

There are Wondrous Edibles to Be Found

Food in New York is plentiful - found on nearly every corner - and often excellent, if pricey, compared to my city. We ate at a variety of different types of restaurants and had foods ranging from good to fabulous.

Stage Door Deli is well known in NY, their pastrami is legendary (as they say). My husband ate a pastrami sandwich on Friday, which had a miniscule amount of fat in it, and that in itself is a good reason to recommend them. I had a hamburger. It was huge, thick and tasty.

On Saturday when my brother-in-law was with us, he remembered eating at a Chinese place called Bobo, on Pell St., just off Mott St. We walked a heck of a long way to find it, only to see that where he thought it was, a nail care place resided. A passing resident of the area told us that bobo had closed 15 years ago. B-I-L was embarrassed, and we were all getting really hungry. The woman referred us to another place down the street, but it was closed for a private party. At that point, we wanted to sit, drink and eat (in that order), no matter where or what. We entered the place next door, which was Hee Win Lai, 28 Pell Street, NYC 10013. Boy did we luck out! It had fast service, great food and the place was filled with Asians, always a good recommendation! We drank Tsing Tao beer (not on the menu, you have to request it) and ordered beef egg drop soup, beef filet with asparagus, jumbo shrimp with cashews and another dish I cannot remember, but all of it was very good, and the portions were epic.
Sunday brunch at Balthazar www.balthazarny.com was to die for! It is located at 80 Spring Street, and you need to make reservations at least 30 days in advance. The reservations must be confirmed 24 hrs. in advance or they are cancelled. It was raucous; filled with 30 somethings all trying to talk at once. But the food was well worth the noise, and we didn't have to wait even a minute to be seated. The waiters are very solicitous; they fill your water glass promptly and replace butter and bread as needed. I had scrambled eggs in puff pastry with mushrooms and roasted asparagus. It was scrumptious! J ate Eggs Belladonna, an Italian form of Eggs Benedict, and our host ate French Toast which was thick and very rich. We were well satisfied (the portions are huge) when the waiter handed us the dessert menus. If you want dessert at this place, do not order brunch before. They had an extensive dessert menu; among the offerings was Creme Brulee and had I not been stuffed with eggs, I would have ordered this. I heartily recommend this restaurant, but remember to call far in advance of your visit.
The last place we ate was Patsy's, on 60th Street near Bloomie's (I think). I forgot to pick up a card, so I don't know the exact address. Apparently there is more than one Patsy's in NYC, though. They have supposedly been serving pizza for 50 years, and I can believe it. We had our favorite pepperoni and mushroom and it came topped with fresh basil - a real treat. The crust is thin, the cheese is good quality and the overall effect is that of a really good tasting pizza. Oddly enough, across the street is a California Pizza Kitchen, which I sometimes like, but would never choose over Patsy's. I hope you enjoyed this trip through NYC and that you will try at least some of these places when next you visit there. Bon Appetit!!


Angie said...

Mmmmmmmmmm!!! I have eaten lunch and supper and I could sit and eat beef and asparagus and creme broulee right now!! I think the most fun part of going out of town is discovering places to eat great food. Steven is not picky and he always lets me choose where to eat. I love to try new places and seek out where the locals eat not the tourists.

It sounds like a delicious weekend!

OldHorsetailSnake said...


Good for you. You got out of NYC without becoming a wine snob. But you close to becoming pizza snob. For which I hold you blameless.

I almost had Creme Brulee once. But not quite. So that makes us even.

Weary Hag said...

Now I know you won't even believe this but we were going to go to Patsy's! I swear!
Here's a hot tip for you. They have a website and you can now (I think) order their sauces online. I know you can get them in supermarkets here in Connecticut (expensive, as one would figure, but well worth it).
I'll try to find that website for you and send it to you in email. Sooo many famous people go there it's incredible.
Like you, we ate ourselves silly while in the city. I always wish I could take some of the foods back home with me.
Nice post!

Carson said...

I think you could eat anywhere in the vicinity of Mott street & have great Chinese. If I were commenting before your trip, I'd recomment the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. . .but as it is, never mind.

THanks for coming to my blog!

Zee said...

Oh! I miss NY. I miss pizza and chinese. Nothing like eating that in NYC. *sigh*

janey said...

I'm originally from NY. There's only 3 things I miss about NY - Museums and Pizza and Bagels. I've been in search of the perfect pizza almost 1/2 my life and I can safely say it's not in Florida.

And Michele says hi.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Welcome back! Jeff Kay would be very proud of this blog entry, he loves to blog about good food. It all sounds delicious.