Saturday, March 19, 2005

Are we not entitled?

Are we not entitled to our own opinions? I've been surfing blogs tonight and there have been some good ones, some that created a sense of fun such as I love her questions, and I especially liked her 'stream of consciousness' post. However, I have recently been reading a blog - which shall be nameless - and I just get the feeling they don't really like it if you post a comment which differs from their own opinions. If all we did was agree with every blogger we read, what would be the fun in doing it? The world would be an incredibly boring place if we all agreed with each other about every subject, wouldn't it?


vegemiterules said...

G'day Kenju, nice to meet you, visiting via Michele. There are some lovely blogs out there, if I feel uncomfortable or uneasy about a post, I just do not comment.

Paul said...

Unfortunatly the individual in question doesn't realise that comments that will start a debate will usualy draw an audience to see it unfold.. if each comment was a string of "yups" & "unhuhs" it would get boring fast.. meh.. I say leave a comment even if it will set off a fire storm, after all there is no such thing as 'bad publicity' ;)

Michelle says Aloha!



ChatNoir said...

I run The Critics, a website taking potshots at bad movies and critics at the same time. For a while last year I would recieve loads of comments about how gay I was and whatnot. I loved it. I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever read.

And all the negative advertisement actually helped - because it brought so many other people to my page. Starting out at maybe two views a day, for a while it was up to 150...

I don't know the person's site, but if he/she wants to be heard, any comment is a good comment.

And as a selfless plug for my website, the address is:

- John

Pearl said...

The devil in me is so tempted to say flatly "no. One should never add dissent to bloggers' comments. "

But honestly, unless the blogger is explcitly asking for debate, they probably aren't even conceiving of a guest reader making a point of disagreeing.