Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lost in cyberspace.

Computer problems have kept me off-line and stewing about it for two days. I could get connected, but not signed in, therefore: no email or web surfing. MSN Tech Support was about as knowledgable and helpful as my cats would have been on the subject. They pronounced it a virus software problem and suggested that I disable anti-virus software and contact the company. I doubted that was the trouble, and so last night I played around until I was able to do a "system restore". I chose the restore date of Feb. 7th, not realizing that I would have to once again download and reinstall every update that
had come in since then, so I was at it until 2:20 am. Next time I have to do the restore, I will choose the latest possible date for it.

My husband, who sold computers for many years, but has less of a clue than I do (and that's about what you could pack into a thimble) on how they work or how you cure a problem, blamed it on all the "crazy" blogging I do. Yeah, right. Nothing he ever does could have caused the problem, he declares. Actually, he thinks that of his whole life: nothing he has ever done has caused a problem. He's Mr. Wonderful (in his eyes only). But that's a whole 'nother post.

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