Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Happy Thanksgiving!

For many years, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family. Of course, everyone brought something too, but the main work was on me - and I was happy to do it. Three years ago, in early November, I had open heart surgery (as many of you know.) That year, my son-in-law and daughter hosted our whole family - plus his parents and sister and her family too. It was a huge undertaking, even though we all brought something. Somehow, the job got handed to them again and again, and this year, son-in-law went on strike. I didn't blame him one bit for that.

We discussed what to do; such as going to a fancy restaurant (which for some people is a big financial undertaking), or going out of town (again, financially restrictive for some) or splitting up into our own family units and eating separately. None of those were good alternatives......and then......our twin grandchildren (age 21) decided to cook for all of us.  They have had some experience with cooking, but certainly not that amount of food, nor for that many people. So we were understandably concerned that it may not turn out well.

Well, we need not have been concerned. They started cooking this morning, and didn't finish until 5 pm. It was worth waiting for!  We had turkey, tenderloin, ham, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, mac & cheese, green bean casserole, mashed sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, glazed carrots and to honor my husband's request:  creamed onions, which he had not had since before his mom died. 

As if all that was not enough, we had 3 pumpkin pies, and apple pie, and an apple/cranberry pie that our granddaughter baked from scratch!

We all ate as if our lives depended on it  (and I know they do, but not all at once.)  We are so thankful for our family; our three children, eight grandchildren, son-in-law and assorted friends. Our son-in-law's parents didn't make it here this year, but we hope to see them soon.

We hope that you and your family is blessed and grateful for it. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessed years to come.

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