Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Odds and Ends

It is always nice, but something of a shock to get a comment on a blog post written a long time ago. Yesterday, I got a comment on this one, on my other blog  "Imagine". After 8 years - it is amazing. I suppose the woman who commented had "googled" Strega and found my post. A long time ago I wrote about memory loss, which I referred to as "early onset Alzheimers/dementia" .  I continue to get comments on that one, although I can't find it now. 

We have not seen Strega or her people since that was written, but this affords us a good reason to contact them, which we will do soon. 

I wish that phone companies would put a metal ring on cell phones so that we could attach a chain or band to use as a necklace.  Jim lost his phone yesterday for a while. Luckily it had dropped out of his pocket in our daughter's car -  not in the street - and so we got it back. If we could hang it around his neck, it would be so much better!!

Physical therapy continues for both of us, although I think we may be coming to the end  (where Medicare ceases to pay.) Too bad one of us will probably not continue after the payment runs out. I will be going to the pool and hot tub as soon as I can get a bathing suit on and off with one hand/arm.  It ain't easy!

I hope all of you had a Happy Easter, filled with family, friends and good food!  We did; although some of the family couldn't come. We also got together on Monday night to celebrate my grandson's 22nd birthday, at the restaurant of his choice, a sushi place in Apex. It was packed!!  I didn't like the food all that well, but it appeared that many people did, since they were so busy.  Restaurants around here do a booming business and always have. My mother-in-law used to say "Don't tell me there's a poor economy!  The restaurants around here are always full of people!"  


rosemary said...

Would Jim consider a fanny pack? There are some cross body phone cases at Sena I think....but really expensive. Keep healing.

Granny Annie said...

That is so neat. I wish I had not deleted my first blog. On my current blog I do still get comments on my post about how to boil farm fresh eggs. LOL I cannot believe you would not let a movie star in your house! Yes I can. Email your address and I will send you the perfect gift for Jim to help keep up with his phone.

sage said...

I'm with you in rehab! Although I have wondered why it is needed as often as they seldom change what I'm doing at home 2x a day... I remember your older blog but didn't know it was that long ago.

Ginnie said...

Isn't it fun to know that someone has been interested in something you wrote so long ago? Years ago I wrote about a dance hall back in the 1950's where I actually heard live some of the Big Bands of that era and I have received many interested answers of people who remember it too.