Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Only 2015 Decoration

Since we are preparing to move, I will not be decorating our home for Christmas this year. But I had to have a wreath!  Last year, the wreath was all gold  and it didn't show up much from the street, so this year, I used red and I'm happy with it.  

The door on our new house is recessed and will be hard to see from the street, so I don't know where I'll hang it there.

I didn't get to decorate here last year, due to having surgery, so I look forward to 2016 - so I can go all out in the new place.  I sure hope nothing prevents that!

Do you go all out when decorating?


Celia said...

Got a wreath on the door, in an inside hallway of a condo complex. So not many people see it but I enjoy it each time I see it. The other four doors in the hallway have them too. I'm waiting for a son or two to come to put up lights on the patio but that's the extent of the exterior decoration since I sold my house. I'm happy with it.

Ginnie said...

I thought of you recently Judy when TV had a segment with the Governor in the mansion before it was decorated. I wonder if you approved of how it was done? ...and, no, I don't do much. Just a collection of very old Santas that were my Mothers.

kenju said...

Ginnie, of course I approved - I helped with the Mansion this year!!

Pat said...

Onward and upward Judy.
I'm away over Christmas but as I had invited our group round I was going to decorate and then I was ill and had to cancel so I have been excused. Better now:)

Granny Annie said...

I have not put out Christmas decorations in years. The last time my place was decorated my daughter came and did it. This year I am looking at all the boxes on the shelves and seriously contemplating getting them out. My grandson will be home from the Navy for 10 days!

sage said...

Nice wreath... but I thought you'd just moved a year or so ago. Now where are you heading?